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The original traffic ticket solution, The Law Office of 702 Traffic is the quick and convenient way to resolve your traffic tickets without the necessity of spending hours of your time in long lines at the courthouse.
The Law Office of 702 Traffic quickly negotiates your fines and points starting at $50.00.

The facts and circumstances of each traffic ticket are different, but all tickets are a hassle.
The improper handling of a traffic ticket can find you with points on your DMV record and with substantial increases in your auto insurance premiums. A traffic ticket can often cost a commercial driver his or her job.

The Law Office of 702 Traffic are knowledgeable in the area of traffic law. In most cases, The Law Office of 702 Traffic can reduce or eliminate your ticket without you going to court, without earning points on your diving record and without any insurance increases. Contact our office at (702) TRAFFIC (702.872.3342) for additional information.