Warrants and Record Sealing Services in Las Vegas - 702 Traffic


If you have a warrant, please contact our office for warrant resolution services in quashing your warrant(s). In most cases, we are able to quash your warrant within 24 hours or the very same day you retain our services! A Warrant for your arrest will also cause the DMV to suspend your driver’s license and will show up on background checks that may stop you from being hired for a job.

In addition to quashing your warrant, our office will assist in the negotiation of the original ticket, to reduce or clear the issued fines. In most cases, your ticket will be reduced to an illegal parking ticket with NO points against your DMV record, NO traffic school, NO Court, NO insurance notification and reduced court fines.

DMV & FTA (failure to appear clearance)

If your driver’s license has been suspended due to your warrant or for any reason, we will obtain for you the FTA (Failure to Appear) clearance from the court. You can then take the FTA to the Department of Motor Vehicles and have your driver’s license re-instated.

The Law Office of 702 Traffic are knowledgeable in the area of traffic law. In most cases, The Law Office of 702 Traffic can reduce or eliminate your ticket without you going to court, without earning points on your diving record and without any insurance increases.
For additional information contact our office at
(702) TRAFFIC (702.872.3342)